Greater Los Angeles Area


A social justice training program for high school youth.


About Us

MGN is a 4-month social justice training program for Muslim high school students that equips participants with the tools to critically understand their world, effectively challenge injustice, and build legacies of positive change in their communities.
The program consists of weekly interactive sessions and field trips centered on themes of identity, history, social responsibility, and organizing tools.
Once completed, the participants join the MGN network to work collectively on issue campaigns and bring about positive change in their communities.


Why You Should Become A Gamechanger


Community Activism is Sunnah

All aspects of the program are rooted in our Islamic tradition. Learn from the example of our beloved Prophet (S) on how to create change in our community.

There is Power in Relationships

You will build relationships with your peers, community leaders and other communities of color. MGN will teach you how to create long-lasting relationships and harness the power of those relationships to build movements.

Change Requires Action

We cannot simply learn about the problems of the world and complain to each other. We must be the change we wish to see in the world by acting together strategically to change the game.


Until our next MGN session begins!


This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out 

together to bring the MGN program to life.