A social justice training program for high school youth.



Step 1: Identity

To understand the world around you, you must first understand yourself. Reflecting on your personal experiences is the first step to understanding your role in the world.

Step 2: History

To understand the history of your family, hometown, and community is to understand your narrative and the social, political and economic context which has shaped your life. 

Step 3: Social Responsibility

By now, it’s clear that your life is interconnected with people you don’t know and may never meet. You must make daily choices which will impact other people in the world.

Step 4: Organizing Tools

You’ve decided to dedicate yourself to positive change, but you can’t do it alone! You must learn how to organize people effectively in order to build a socially responsible society.

MGN Trailer

About Muslim Gamechangers Network

CAIR-CA is proud to announce the Muslim Gamechangers Network. MGN is a 4-month social justice training program for Muslim high school students that equips participants with the tools to critically understand their world, effectively challenge injustice, and build legacies of positive change in their communities.  The program consists of weekly interactive sessions and field trips centered on themes of identity, history, social responsibility, and organizing tools, all grounded in an Islamic worldview.